Complete the worksheet in the database provided for this module’s assignment, a

Complete the worksheet in the database provided for this module’s assignment, and submit the database as attachment. See the detailed instruction below.

Assignment – Week 3.docxPreview the document

Assignment – Week 3 Database.accdb

Instructions on the worksheet:

Review the database provided for this week’s assignment. Please generate the following data reports using SQL. All reports should be generated inside the provided database as queries. Name your queries with numbers 1 to 5 to match with the questions below.  Grading will be based on correct SQL statement and the data sheet generated from each query.

  1. A list of all patients from outside of the State of Arizona, with their first name, last name, and state.
  2. A detailed report on patient visits that occurred before the year of 2009, with patient first name, patient last name, visit date, provider first name, and provider last name.
  3. Using nested queries to generate a report on healthcare providers who provided care to Jane Doe, with their first name and last name.
  4. Using aggregate operators to generate a report on the total number of patient visits before the year of 2009.
  5. Using GROUP BY clause to generate a report on patients’ average account balance by ethnicity.

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