Geography Assignment: Weather Systems Assignment

Geography Assignment: Weather Systems Assignment

You’ve learned a lot about the formation and movement of hurricanes and typhoons. For this assignment, you are going to demonstrate your knowledge and use an animation you’ve explored as evidence to enhance and provide proof in your discussion.

Visit the “Earth – Map of Wind, Weather, and Ocean Conditions Animation” here  or use the link available in the Week 2 Module display in Canvas. You will focus your attention on sea-surface movement and temperature. Click on the “earth” button on the bottom, left side of the page (see image below).


Note that the image should be in color. If it isn’t, you may need to use a different web browser. Once the animation menu is visible, click on the “Ocean” link. This will change the map to show current ocean conditions. See image below.

Lastly, click on the “Currents” link under Animate to change the map so it illustrates current ocean surface currents. Your map should look similar to the image below.


Click on the “earth” button again to hide the menu. Now, you are viewing surface, ocean current movement. Temperature values are also shown – currents in red, orange, and yellow represent warmer sea-surface temperatures. Currents in green, blue, and purple represent colder sea-surface temperatures. Rotate the Earth (by clicking and dragging) and take a look at the currents on the west coast of the United States and compare them to the east coast. Take a screenshot or picture of your view so I know you are looking at the correct area and current settings. You will submit this along with a written response. 

Respond to the following prompt:

Based on what you’ve learned this week (in the readings, videos, animation, etc.) – in your own words, describe why hurricanes are so prevalent on the east coast of the United States, but not the west coast. 

Your response should be in complete sentences. Remember this is an academic assignment, not a Facebook post or text message – proper spelling and punctuation count! See the rubric below for specifics on grading criteria. Your written response should be at least 200 words.

To submit your assignment (both your image and written response), you can submit them together in one document, you can attach them separately, or you can place your written response in the text box below and attach your image. Click on the “Submit Assignment” link on the top, left.  You may submit multiple files and they can be in any standard format (i.e. Word document, PDF, Pages, JPEG, etc.). Once you submit your assignment, you will not be able to go back and make changes so be sure to upload everything at once.

Extra Credit Opportunity (optional; worth 2 points) – discuss the formation and of hurricanes (or typhoons) elsewhere around the world (you can discuss a specific region or the world in general). Why do they exist in certain locations but not others? Additional 100 word minimum.



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