Different Types of Family Systems PowerPoint

I will provide related information and lectures, the instruction is following 10 questions.1. Topic: Different Types of Family Systems, ( you can browse this website, it maybe help http://www.ncfr.org/)2. Determine the population of interest: Who will be included in this group? How will you recruit your group? 3. Which theory will you base your program on? Why?4. What’s your vision for this group? (be specific)5. What are your program objectives? (you need 2 per day – so: 2*3= 6 )6. What are your learning outcomes? (you need to 2 per objective so: 2*6=12)7. Needs assessment: Note what are the needs of this group? And then tie this info to why you decided to include the content that you are covering. Your content decision depends on needs assessment. 8. Content selection: The outline of your 3 group sessions should be included in your power presentation. What are you planning on covering in the 3 different meetings? In other words, what are the main themes you will be covering? Come up with a title for each meeting (you will elaborate on these in your workbook at the end of the semester). Think of each of week’s objectives and learning outcomes and present the material accordingly9. Address at least one ethical issue that can come up when working with the specific group that you will be educating.10. Which resources will be used? Give a reference of at least 10 resources from within the last 8 years. A resource includes an already existing program in your topic area (i.e. Active Parenting—if you are doing anything about parenting), a book, an article etc.

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