Linear Algebra 2418 My Math Lab 10 questions

1/ Exam 1 must be completed by 11:59 PM on 9/25. It is 10 questions and it is very Important Exam that I want to get a grade above %95. ( Have to upload written work)You have one attempt to take the exam. Please ensure that you have reliable internet connection while taking the exam. If internet connection is lost during the exam, the exam will not be reopened. The exam must be completed from start to finish in one sitting without logging out in the middle. The exam will be available for 110 minutes from when you first click to open it.As you work through the problems, ensure that you show detailed work on paper that has my full name, my student id, course and section information at the top right of every page you write on. Pages without these details will receive a grade of zero. After completing the exam, you must scan and upload the written work in ECampus with in 30 minutes of completing. If work is uploaded later than that, you will receive a penalty of 30 points. Please check the scanned document before uploading, ensure that the margins with problem numbers show on the scan and that all pages are in the correct order. A problem with out problem number will receive zero credit. Written work must show complete details of solving the problem including all steps for reducing matrices to row echelon or reduced row echelon form. Merely stating the answer with out showing work will receive a very reduced score.

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