Nutritional Aspects- High Fiber Diet

1.)Explain the type of diet and detail why/for whom it may be prescribed.2.)Describe the diet. What is included, what is restricted, how the diet is executed, etc. Include any and all details relevant to that particular diet.3.)Include nursing implications for administering the diet. How it may be administered, what you should be watchful for, what are the goals of treatment, etc.4.)Education: what would you tell the patient, what resources may be provided to the patient improve patient compliance, etc.5.)Correct APA format6.)Appendix A: Sample meal plan for one day including 3 meals and 2 snacks. Appendix B: Nutritional breakdown for sample meal plan. There is no set requirement for the length of the paper. However, all of the above referenced material should be included and properly detailed. The paper should have a title page, reference page with a minimum of 2 references, and include proper APA formatting of all in-text references. Essay should be in Times New Roman, 12-point font, and be double-spaced. The essay should have an introduction and a conclusion. The sample meal plan in Appendix A should not be overly complicated and should include foods that are easily recognizable and accessible to the patient.

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