PhysioEx Lab Write-up

hello, i do have a lab report do in few hours.i have an example of how to do the lab report and an example of it but i just cant use the same one because my friend is using it, i will go ahead and provide you guys with the example and the outline he wants it and also my data that i will be needing to use in the report and you guys can write it based on that. everything in the report that i will be attaching is correct except the graph and data needs to be my own that i will provide for you guys, also the writing has to be different because another person wrote that report so basically we are just changing the way it is written. i did attach a picture of my results as well as the example of the report.please let me know if you have any questions.PhysioEx Lab Write-up: Activities 1-4 Produce a lab report for the PhysioEx Endocrine System Physiology (Activities 1-4) from lab. I am providing you an outline, but your report should be in nonnumeric, paragraph form. 1. Write an Introduction Section (2 or 3 paragraphs). A brief overview of metabolism should be included in this section. Make sure to include brief explanations of the role of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and thyroid in metabolism. State the purpose of the metabolic rate activities. 2. Methods. Write 2-3 paragraphs which give an overview of how you did your experiment.Write a paragraph describing your test rats. How are they similar and how are they different?Write a paragraph explaining the establishment of baseline metabolic rates.Write a paragraph which gives a general overview of how you used the methods and data from baseline metabolic rates to study the effects of thyroxine, thyroid stimulating hormone, and propylthiouracil. 3. Results. Include a table which summarizes the data from activity 1 and a bar chart which summarizes your activity 1-4 metabolic rate data for each rat. Make sure to follow the guideline from our first lab when constructing the bar graph.4. Summary (3-4 paragraphs) Write a short summary discussing the actual results of your experiment. Refer to your table and graph and point out any important data. If your actual experimental results did not match your expected results, write a paragraph suggesting one reason your actual results might have been different from the expected results.

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