Please follow the instruction and complete part 6a and 6b. Please notice that they have different due

Please follow the instruction and complete part 6a and 6b. Please notice that they have different due day, make sure to be complete on time. Thanks.Essay topic will be same as last week, and I will still provided on the upload file blow.Feel free to use the material you did, but make sure everything met the requirement. **Please write in simple language.****Time will be extend after part 6a is complete. Thanks.**6a) WP1 IntroductionWrite an essay introduction for WP1. As you will remember, the essay assignment is in week five. You may, if you like, use the following approach: first, introduce your readers to your general subject, which is how authors use ethos, pathos, and logos, and follow with a brief summary of the opinion piece–so that your readers know what it’s about, after which you may offer your thesis. While you may use a different approach, I do ask for this essay that you summarize the opinion piece, which includes noting the author’s name, and that you include your thesis in your introduction as well. I also ask that you consider how to introduce your readers to your subject.**Post a draft of your introduction (usually one paragraph) that includes your summary and thesis for your first essay by 11:59 PM Tuesday.**6b) WP1 partial draftPlease post a partial draft (600 – 700 words) of your essay, including the works cited or reference section. Please keep in mind, the only source you need for this essay is the one for your opinion piece. In your partial draft, you may revise the introduction section you posted on Wednesday. Please keep in mind that you will be able to revise this essay as many times as you want before the final version is due toward the end of the semester. **Your WP1 partial draft is due by 11:59 PM Friday.**

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