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For this assignment you are a job coach for the disabled follow the instructions please respond with 400 words .Overview: Assignment 1Visit Supplemental Materials showing links to various websites. Explore each of these sites and identify the site you find most beneficial to you in your work. Send a brief description of the site you like most and explain why you find it useful.Supplemental MaterialsHere are some sites on the World Wide Web that are very informative and may provide you with helpful information not contained within the course.worksupport.comdisABILITY: Information and ResourcesDisability StatisticsGoodwillEaster SealsThe APSE HomepageThe Arc of the United StatesNational Organization on DisabilityThe American Association of People with Disabilities ( National Council on Independent Living ( Disability Rights Network ( Department of Labor, “Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)” ( Institute on Disability ( is Natural (

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