Social Psychology Discussions

Each discussion should be 1 page. Don’t leave anything unanswered.2. What are heuristics, why do we use them, and provide a detailed example of a time that you or someone you know relied on a heuristic. Additionally, please define affect in your own words and discuss how our perception influences our emotions. Once you have completed writing, please click on the link to watch the following Ted Talk and give your reactions based on this week’s readings: 3. What makes up a person’s self-concept and provide evidence for where the self-concept comes from (i.e. nature versus nurture)? Additionally, please describe what makes up a person’s attitude and how that attitude can be altered. What happens when your attitude is in opposition to your behavior? How can we resolve this?4. Please explain the various ways in which we form perceptions of other people and describe the accuracy of these initial impressions. Additionally, please describe the different types of conformity and which individuals are most susceptible to conform in a given situation. Are there ways to protect yourself against the influence of others? Please provide at least one example from your readings or from an article from the internet.

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