Why We Crave Horror Movies

Read Chapter 7 in Argument Today to learn how we structure and execute a causal analysis. Then, read King’s “Why We Crave Horror Movies (Links to an external site.).”
Our discussion this week will focus on gauging how much King follows
the text’s guidelines. Particularly from section 7.3 (“Organizing and
Drafting Your Causal Analysis”) choose three of the pieces of guidance
that the text offers, cite them specifically using page numbers, then
find examples where King does this in his essay. While it’s safe to
assume that Stephen King never took ENG 121 at Wilmington, we can still
learn a great deal from seeing how a great author can follow the same
guidelines that we do as students. Then, offer what you believe the
thesis of the piece to be. Keep in mind that you’re not necessarily on
an Easter Egg Hunt for one sentence or phrase that captures the entire
piece’s thesis. Instead, you will need to analyze the claims that the
essay makes and the evidence used to support it to distill the point
that is being made. For instance, the thesis of this essay is not, “We
crave horror movies”…that’s its topic…and also its title. What point
about our craving for horror movies and the causes of this craving is
King making? Your total post of three guidelines from Chapter 7, the
evidence of these in King’s essay, and the thesis should be
approximately 300 words and posted by Wednesday at 11:59 pm.

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