Choose one Canadian or BC union. It can be a branch of an international union

Choose one Canadian or BC union. It can be a branch of an international union.

Membership: Research its membership. What is its traditional membership? Have they branched out to represent other workers outside their primary membership group? What is their total membership?

Type of Union:

Are they a craft union? An industrial union? Public or private sector?

Regional Representation:

Are they present only in BC? Only in Canada? Or are they an international union? How is it structured?

Significant Job Actions:

Has this union participated in any significant job actions over the past few years or decades? Was their formation contentious? What has their historic impact in their sector been?

Current concerns and actions:

Is this union currently engaged in collective bargaining? Are they mounting an organizing campaign? Are they currently attempting to organize another sector or a significant company in their own sector? Explain what their current focus of organizing or mobilization is.

Please feel free to add any other relevant information. This assignment should only be two-three pages.

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