Part I: Your neighbor Ellen (age 25), and her spouse Daniel (age 27) live in Germany away from family and friends. They have been in Germany for only seven

Part I:

Your neighbor Ellen (age 25), and her spouse Daniel (age 27) live in Germany away from family and friends. They have been in Germany for only seven months. They are expectant parents who utilized Assistive Reproductive Technology (ART). They recently were informed that their unborn child will be delivered several weeks early to address a significant pulmonary  concern. Ellen, who is a hearing impaired, has had several complications during her pregnancy and is very nervous and upset about the delivery. Ellen misses her family and husband. She and her husband were best friends in high school and college. It is important to know that this couple experienced two unsuccessful pregnancies in the past and have recently had major financial troubles.

The couple’s child will be placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) once born. Ellen and Daniel are unfamiliar with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the specialists who work in this area. Both parents also have some concerns and fears about managing their child at home, given the child’s potential health concerns. Daniel is in the military on a special assignment and will not be able to travel back home to be with Ellen for another three weeks. Communicating by phone has been difficult. The couple has one very dependable neighbor, Sherri, who has offered to help Ellen get home with her infant. Sherri is a registered nurse who also holds a degree from Gallaudet University located in Washington, D.C. (Please visit the school’s web site).

Your goal is to (1) offer support to both parents (2) share some information about a NICU (3) outline what it will take to develop a secure loving attachment with their new babies (4) and how they can reach out to other parent(s) in similar situations who have a child with breathing issues and potentially similar experiences.

As a close friend to Ellen/Daniel please write them a 2-page letter which demonstrate your understanding of knowledge of ART and offer a checklist of 10 important items. The important items should be focused on things that will assist these parents.

Please include at least one national organization that can offer them support. Please explain why you have suggested each suggestion. For example, if you suggest that Ellen tour the NICU where she will delivery, please explain why that would be a benefit to her and her husband.  Your ultimate goal is to provide this couple with concrete research-based parenting recommendations.

Please view at least two of the links below before drafting your response and use ACADEMIC articles and related materials to develop your work.

(Special Note: Please use the appropriate level of discretion when viewing this video around young and other viewers) 

*These links have been updated

Recently you learned that there have been over several new parents with children at your church, military base or neighborhood! A reliable source, who is related to a therapist, has shared that several of the new parents are having a difficult time parenting their children.  You have been asked to help develop a poster which announces that a new support group, led by a parenting professional, is forming in the next month to assist these new parents who are in need of immediate help, support and key information.

Given your knowledge, please develop two one-page attractive posters which invites parents to take part in two upcoming parent support groups.

The two posters should give parents a chance to see what specific types of interventions/strategies they will learn about if they come to your group relating to one of the areas below:

  • Balancing Worklife and Parenting
  • Developing Healthy Lifestyles
  • Preventing Accidents
  • Fathering
  • Appropriate Sleep  
  • Exercise and Young Children
  • Dealing with Post Partum Depression  
  • Identifying Social Supports for Families with Children with Special Needs 
  • Your posters should include at least two supports  *not listed that will be offered which makes it convenient for parents from diverse backgrounds to attend (e.g. *stipends or *transportation vouchers). Please make a diligent effort not to duplicate your classmates recommended supports. 

*Note: No credit will not be provided for the support examples that have already been provided above. 

Part III:

Please interview one person that you know and provide a brief response to the questions below.

Why do individuals in our society become parents?

Why do some individuals chose not to become parents?


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