PHI 2010

I need the answers of the pages of the book that I am giving you can not be of any place.

I need the answers listed and answered in order please.

W8: Textbook Assignment 

For this assignment, read about Immanuel Kant on pp. 95-97. Answer the following questions:

1. What is the “Copernican revolution in philosophy”?

2. Would Kant say that things like electric doors or TV cameras have experiences? Why or why not?

3. What does it mean to say “sensations must be subject to spatial-temporal shaping” to qualify as experience?

4. What does it mean to say sensations must be “conceptualized” to qualify as experience? Explain using an example of your choice.

5. What does it mean to say “sensory stimulation must be unified in a single connected consciousness” to qualify as experience?

W8: Reflection Log

What does Kant mean by ‘phenomena’? What does he mean by ‘noumena’? How are these things different from one another in Kant’s view? Do you agree with his views on phenomena and noumena? Discuss your own ideas in at least a paragraph.

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