SOC 3320 Gender Race And Class Midterm Exam

SOC 3320 Gender Race And Class Midterm Exam

Many factory workers join unions because unions are able to impose the will of the employees onto the employers. As such, unions wield a great amount of:

·         Question 2

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Because of social stratification in the United States,

·         Question 3

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Equality of _____ is defined as the idea that every person has the ability to succeed.

·         Question 4

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The area in the US where poverty is highest is located in the?




·         Question 5

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In addition to the criteria of wealth, power, and prestige, what other component did Kahl and Gilbert include in their six tier model of class in capitalist countries?



·         Question 6

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Which is NOT an aspect of occupational prestige?



·         Question 7

2.57 out of 2.57 points


Which of the following is a true statement regarding wealth and income?




·         Question 8

2.57 out of 2.57 points


How do we define net worth?




·         Question 9

2.57 out of 2.57 points


A well-known Hollywood actress owns homes in Beverly Hills and the French Riviera, and she owns her own movie production company along with a large portfolio of stocks. The accumulation of the different things she owns is considered:



·         Question 10

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_______ poverty is also referred to or defined as the federal poverty line.

·         Question 11



is the term that refers to the poor that lack access to good schools and good paying jobs.


·         Question 12

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Professor Fuentes is teaching her students about the three components of the social stratification system. She tells them that the three components are:


·         Question 13

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Wesley’s grandfather was a sharecropper, farming someone else’s land. Wesley’s father was a farmer who farmed his own land. Wesley owns an international dairy company that responsible for providing milk products to people all around the world. This reflects:


·         Question 14

2.57 out of 2.57 points


1.) Marquita is working on a project for her sociology class. She asks every student living in her dorm how much money they expect to make on their first job. She finds that most students expect to make between $40,000 and $80,000 per year upon graduation. Marquita concludes that most of the graduates will be:





What is not an aspect of life chances?



·         Question 16

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______ is an issue associated with poverty that results when the poor have a lack of access to technology.


·         Question 17

2.57 out of 2.57 points


Levi is a physician. He has the ability to get the nurses to do what he wants them to do. He tells them what to do with the patients and when to do it. This ability to impose his will on others reflects Levi’s:


·         Question 18

2.57 out of 2.57 points


Newlyweds Joe and Jamie, both born to lower-income families, now make six-figure incomes based on being successful lawyers. This family is now part of



·         Question 19

2.57 out of 2.57 points


______ is the belief that rich parents have the ability to provide the best educational resources to ensure that their children are successful.




·         Question 20

0 out of 2.57 points


______ created a theory that believes that poverty benefits those that are rich in our society.




·         Question 21

2.57 out of 2.57 points


Babacar just moved his family to the U.S. from Kenya. When asked why he moved, Babacar said that this country will offer him an opportunity to change his social class. Babacar appreciates the ________________ available in the U.S.





·         Question 22

2.57 out of 2.57 points


The Davis-Moore thesis states that



·         Questio

·         Question 23



Sociologists use the term social prestige to mean:


·         Question 24

2.57 out of 2.57 points


______ created the theory of poverty that is based in the belief that jobs are rewarded based on skills, education, knowledge and preparation


·         Question 25

2.57 out of 2.57 points


This area of the social class ladder is most impacted by higher education and advanced degrees.


·         Question 26

2.57 out of 2.57 points


Which is not true about education and inequality?


·         Question 27

2.57 out of 2.57 points


A class system employs a social ranking based primarily on:


·         Question 28

2.57 out of 2.57 points


In terms of Social Class, which factor is most correct in terms of how people are evaluated and ranked:

·         Question 30

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A status group refers to:




·         Question 31

0 out of 2.57 points


Equality of ____ is defined as the idea that every person begins life in the same position.




·         Question 32

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_______ is a theory that poverty happens when there is too much social change happening in a society.


·         Question 33

2.57 out of 2.57 points


Max Weber referred to people’s opportunities to provide themselves with material goods, positive living conditions, and favorable experiences as:


·         Question 34



Which is not a step in which blaming the victim occurs:


·         Question 35

2.57 out of 2.57 points


_______ poverty is defined as poverty that a person experiences for about 24 months.



Roz is a 34 year old public defense attorney. She is dating Peter, a garbage collector. Roz is embarrassed about introducing Peter to her colleagues because Peter’s job has a low level of respect and esteem. Roz is concerned about Peter’s:







Roughly 30 percent of the U.S. population falls within the





·         Question 38

2.57 out of 2.57 points


“Cultural capital” refers to:





·         Question 39

0 out of 2.57 points


_______ created a theory rooted in the belief that society believes people are poor due to bad choices and negative personal decisions that they make.

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