Article Assignment

ARTICLE ASSIGNMENT: Students will read the following series of articles and will list and describe 2 activities to increase each of the following skills in a seven-year-old child:  Semantic skills, morphological skills, syntactic skills, social communication skills, and phonologic skills to increase expressive language.  You must provide the activity, steps taken, skills targeted, materials needed, and rationale for each skill area. Koch, S. (2018, October). MultiBrief: Insights from a speech-language pathologist: Semantics. Retrieved from:, S. (2018, October). MultiBrief: Morphology and Syntax: Key to successful reading. Retrieved from: to-successful-reading/educationKoch, S. (2018, October). MultiBrief:Social Communication from a speech-language perspective. Retrieved from:, S. (2018, October). MultiBrief: Umbrella Skills for expressive language. Retrieved from:

Please see rubric attached

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