EXP 105 Week 2 Learning Patterns In Action Quiz (2019)

EXP 105 Week 2 Learning Patterns In Action Quiz (2019)


1. Janet, a mother of four, grandmother of seven, and retired nurse, describes her level of use in Confluence as the following:
I have taken some risks throughout my life, but I have also learned to consider the consequences first as well. Therefore, I try to avoid mistakes and will weigh the odds first before taking a risk.  I am a dare devil by nature, but I now prefer to think about the different options that I have and possible consequences before jumping into something.
Based on Janet’s description of how she uses her Confluence, at what level does she use this Pattern?

2. Brian has been in the Army since he graduated from high school.  He is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and hopes to enter into law enforcement.

I am very careful and thorough with any task that I work on.  When delegating a task to someone, I give them all of the information they need to complete the task successfully. Ever since I have been in the Army, my senior leaders recognized that I have natural leadership abilities. This is one of the reasons that I have made it so far in the Army. When I am a part of something, I take it upon myself to know all the details of what is done and how it is done.

Which Learning Pattern is Brian describing?

3. John describes his use of Technical Reasoning as the following:

When I was a child, I really wanted to build my own computer. One day, I decided to take apart the computer my parents bought for me just so that I could see the different parts and try to figure out how it worked. My parents were not happy with me, but it was fun!  Now that I am an adult, I have built my own computer out of parts that I have found and purchased here and there.

Based on John’s description of how he uses his Technical Reasoning, at what level does he use this Pattern?

4. Robert, a psychology major, describes his Confluence.

I operate well when things are consistent so I don’t mind following the same schedule each day at work. I tend to look at things a little differently than others do. A lot of times, I get side-tracked with my thoughts, or I interrupt during a conversation with something that is completely off topic. I am often spontaneous, although I am not much of a risk taker.

Based on Robert’s description of how he uses his Confluence, at what level does he use this Pattern?

5. Linda, a lab technician, says the following about her Learning Patterns:

I enjoy working by myself, and I prefer to know what the specific purpose is behind whatever I am doing. I do not like to write things down even though sometimes I think I should, and I prefer to learn with my hands. Especially at work, I like to figure things out and prefer you don’t ask to help because I want to do it all on my own.

Which Learning Pattern best fits Linda’s description above?

6. Janet, a preschool teacher, describes one of her Learning Patterns:

I have a specific schedule that I follow, and I use lists every day! I feel accomplished when I cross things off of my list that I have completed. I love to have my home organized, and know that everything is in a specific place. Every morning I follow the same pattern as I prepare for the day.

Which Learning Pattern best fits Janet’s description above?

7. Suzanne, an executive assistant, says the following about her Learning Patterns:

I often ask a lot of questions and enjoy answering questions as well. If I do not know the answer to a question or am not satisfied with the answer I have received, I will do some research on the internet.  In the office, I enjoy seeing the results of something that I have done.

Which Learning Pattern best fits Suzanne’s description above?

8. Janine is a single mother working on a degree in Accounting. She hopes to become a Certified Public Accountant.

I am a perfectionist by nature and I enjoy showing others what I know. I am willing to get into debates with others and will often look up information on the spot.  Even if I am not debating with others, I enjoy seeking and learning details and information. I do a lot of research and take a lot of notes. When I am writing I make sure to include as many details as possible so that I can be sure to answer all the questions that the reader may have.

This description matches Janine’s Use First score of which Learning Pattern:

9. Tamika is currently enrolled in ENG 121. She describes her experience field-fitting for an assignment.

I had a paper due in my ENG 121 course but “life happened” during the week and I had put it off until the day it was due. I began to panic.  I had a lot of material to cover and my Use First in Precision wanted to cover every last detail.  Realizing that I would miss the deadline if I relied solely on my Precision, I made a plan.  First, I asked my husband for help with the kids and gave him a list of chores that needed to be done before they went to bed. Then, I reviewed my reading material and began to write an outline of the most important information. I didn’t want to get lost in all the details and only wrote down the main points.  After an hour, I told myself that I had enough information to start and got my paper typed out quickly and efficiently.

Which Learning Patterns did Tamika use with intention to successfully field-fit the situation?

10. Denise is majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications. She says the following:

“I absolutely love researching information! I enjoy gathering information as well as showing what I know to others, which is why I am majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications. I enjoy learning as much as I can about a topic and will search for material to increase my knowledge.”

Which Learning Pattern best fits the description above?

11. Eugene, a massage therapist and Health and Wellness major, replied to his peer with the following comment:

I know exactly how you feel regarding being unable to function in a messy or disorganized area. I cannot relax or focus on other things when everything is a mess. With me it is “cluttered house = cluttered mind.” Organizing my workspace in my home before I begin schoolwork is one way I set myself up for a good study session.

Which Learning Pattern best fits Eugene’s description above?

12. Theresa enjoys cooking and is pursuing a degree in Business Entrepreneurship with the hopes of owning her own restaurant one day.

I find lists overwhelming, so I don’t use them. When I am required to follow instructions, I skim over them and try to get the general idea of what is required without following step-by-step.  Since I love cooking, I have lots of notes with my ideas on them but they tend to be scattered all over the place and I can never find the notes when I need them. The same thing happens with household items. When I’m cleaning up I will put things away in what at the time seems like a very good place, but I can never find things when I need them because I don’t have a system.  I just haphazardly assign random places.

To what degree does Theresa use Sequence?

13. Steve, a US Army veteran, provides evidence that supports his Technical Reasoning.

While I do enjoy human interaction at times, when I am working I prefer to work alone so that I can figure things out in my head without others around me. I usually don’t take notes, but if I do, they are notes that only I can understand. In the Army, I am always trying to understand why certain things are done the way they are. If I understand why a particular decision was made I can be a lot more accepting of it.  Once I see how or why something happened, I am less likely to scrutinize it.

Based on Steve’s description of how he uses his Technical Reasoning, at what level does he use this Pattern?

14. Timothy is majoring in Early Childhood Education. He would like to pursue his master’s degree and would like to teach at the elementary school level. He has just taken the LCI and shared his results.

I thought taking the LCI was really fascinating so I decided to do my own research so that I could learn more about each Learning Pattern. I wanted to learn more about the strengths and challenges that are presented with each Pattern. I have read the chapter introducing the Learning Patterns multiple times and have also done some research on the internet. Understanding my Learning Patterns will help improve my communication with my co-workers and family members and help me be more open to constructive feedback as a student.

This description matches Timothy’s Use First score of which Learning Pattern:

15. Frank, an auto mechanic and father of two young children, described how one of his favorite hobbies helped support his family:

I love picking up broken items that others have thrown away and fixing them.  One of my favorite times of the year was called “Clean up Week” when people would throw away broken appliances and other large items to be taken to the local dump. I sometimes had up to six broken vacuum cleaners in my shop and it felt so good to take parts from each to create one working vacuum.  I would spend hours in the shed puttering and felt so proud of myself when I managed to successfully fix something. My problem-solving skills saved us money!  I once found a TV with no picture and another with no sound.  I set them on top of each other – problem solved!

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