Assignment 3 – Operant Conditioning And Behavior Modification

Assignment 3 – Operant Conditioning And Behavior Modification


Many aspects of psychology converge in the work place. Behavioral conditioning and modification are two of the most common.

Write a 600-700 word paper (two full pages) in which you provide an example of either operant conditioning or behavior modification principles or techniques you experienced, implemented, or observed in a past or current work place. 

  1. Papers should be in IWG format. A template and information on IWG requirements is contained under Course Media.
  2. The paper should have one inch margins and be double spaced.
  3. Use 12 point Times New Roman font.
  4. Write in the first person.
  5. Utilize terminology and information from chapter 7 of the textbook and one (1) other research source. You must use SHARC (ProQuest, PubMed, Google Scholar) for your research. Cite and reference both sources of information.

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