Discrimination In The Legal And Paralegals

Discrimination In The Legal And Paralegals

  1. Does discrimination in the legal and paralegal professions give rise to specific social injustices?  You may concentrate on either the legal or paralegal profession or compare and contrast both. Your discussion should address the following issues:
  • Differential rates in hiring practices, promotion, and pay scale among men and women. Is there a “glass ceiling” for women?
  • In what other ways does discrimination manifest itself in the legal environment?

Students will be required to submit a 5-6 page essay (at least 1250 words, double spaced)

Students must:

  • Use no more than 5 scholarly journal articles
  • Use scholarly journals only;  such as the Journal of Criminology, Sociology and Social Research, American Journal of Psychology, American Journal of Criminal Law. Consult the required manual of style for determining scholarly sources. Google scholar does not guarantee peer-reviewed research.
  • NOT USE WEBSITES – If you; locate your journal article on a website you must go to the article itself and cite it, not the website.
  • Not use sources that are more than 5 years old.
  • May use government websites only (they end in .gov) when citing statistics.
  • Cite intext and must submit a separate reference list. The APA Manual of Style required for this course will be the only APA source used to grade this assignment.
  • All written work is to be in paragraph form, typed using 12 font, one-inch margins, and double spacing and utilizing grammar and spell-check.

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