Environmental Science: BIO_104_

This week’s read section has some GREAT chapters- biodiversity, environmental toxicology and mining.

For your first discussion topic of the week, I would like for you to select an organism on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List of critically endangered organism. This international organization helps maintain and monitor the global endangered species list.

You can pick any organism (plant, animal, fungus, etc.). In your discussion, introduce the organism you picked and tell us a little bit about its life history- where it was traditionally found, where its found now, how it became endangered, what its role is in its ecosystem, etc. Then, look up and discuss any hurdles to its protection (e.g., environmental policy resistance from landowners, toxic compounds in its environment, poachers, etc.). Cite appropriately. Finally, tell us if you think it deserves to be protected and if you think it will survive based on current management/protection practices. PLEASE DON”T PICK and organism that has already been chosen and summarized by a classmate.

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