State And Local Government Pt 2.

Upcoming weekly assignment 🙂 Might be a fun one

Instruction State:
1. Analyze the current state of Education, with special emphasis on the following problems:

– “Me too” and the Education System

– Gun debate

– College Scam scandal

Propose a guideline to prevent these situations, offering suggestions on how the Education System can implement responsible policies that address and resolve these situations.

2. Describe the current education policies (Florida) for Elementary, Middle and High School.

3. Explain the higher education (implying college – Grad school) policies in place.

This teacher is fairly biased. Feel free to take Part 1 of this assignment in any direction^. Only requirement is for each point to be throughout; totaling to about 2 pages in length (No format – No double space) Feel free to through a good “enter” between questions to add length! 12pt Size – no double spacing.

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