Genetically Modified Foods Writing Assignment

Genetically Modified Foods Writing Assignment


When it comes to labeling the food we consume there are generally two  approaches.  A product can be labeled when something has been added  (ex. Vitamin D Milk) or when something is not present (ex.  Gluten-free).   Clearly explain your opinion on the labeling of GM  salmon. What type of labeling, if any, should be required?  Should this  labeling be voluntary or mandatory? Your explanation should discuss the  current labeling recommendations for GM foods in general and GM salmon  specifically, and the rationale behind these recommendations  (this  means you will need to do a little research – be careful to use reliable  sources).

Here’s an article with an overview of GM salmon to get you started
7 Things You Need to Know about GMO Salmon found at


Your paper must be between 1/2      -1page (not including references).  The second page is only for the      complete references of the material cited in your paper.  Any portion      of your text on the second page will not be read or graded. Your paper      should be double-spaced with one-inch margins, using 12 point Times New      Roman font.

You are not allowed to      include any quotes in your paper.  All of your writing must be      original.

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