Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help

I need a response for each peer. Response posts must be minimum 100 words each. Word document , double space, APA 6th

Peer 1

Antimicrobial resistance is an important issue the public health center is battling with presently. The resistance occurs after the mutation of microorganisms following the continuous exposure to antimicrobial drugs and antivirals. The resistance threatens the health of humans and animals with the resistant organisms increasing the infectious diseases. WHO’s suggestion is that the world may be heading to a post-antibiotic era in the 21st century where minor injuries and common infections can kill (“How to stop antibiotic resistance? Here’s a WHO prescription”, 2015).

Nurses can help with practical contributions by seeing to a reduction of inappropriate prescription of antibiotics and professionally backing of antimicrobial stewardship. The latter is an approach for promoting and monitoring if antimicrobials are used judiciously for the preservation of their effectiveness in the future (Beović et al., 2017. Since nurses play significant roles in inpatient care aspects, they can hence be influential in the use and prescription rates during varying patient care stages.

Both Global disease and domestic disease surveillance entails tracking, detection, assessment, and response to health events.  However, domestic disease surveillance involves systematic data collection, comprehensive analysis, and interpretation of data from households (Nsubuga et al., 2006).  Global disease surveillance, countries, and public health entities across the globe gang up efforts to ensure capacity building to ensure preparedness for global health emergencies (“Global Health Surveillance”, 2012)

Early detection of diseases averts the occurrence and re-occurrence of such infectious diseases, thus minimizes global health threats. Family nurse practitioners have the capability of making long-lasting relationships with patients. These nurses, therefore, empower individuals to make positive health choices as well as influence them to adopt healthy lifestyle practices that help in the prevention of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes. They also ensure that the surveillance programs cover the most remote at-risk population.

Peer 2

Nurses can improve Policies in the use of Antibiotics

Nurses and nursing organizations can improve policies and encourage the judicious use of antibiotics in humans. Nurses implement most of the policies in the health care sector because they deal with patients directly. They also administer antibiotics to patients, and thus, they can get first-hand feedback from patients (Malani et al., 2012). Therefore, nurses should collect data about the effectiveness of different antibiotics and their side effects from patients. They can use their organizations to channel the information to policymakers, who can respond appropriately. Consequently, policymakers can stop the use of certain antibiotics or increase the dosage, among other changes. Nurses and nursing organizations should also conduct scientific studies about different antibiotics to identify their effectiveness and drawbacks (Malani et al., 2012). The findings of these studies can enable policymakers to make policies that can help humans to use antibiotics cautiously.

Disease surveillance refers to the process of monitoring the spread of a disease to identify its progression and spread patterns. It involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data about a condition, especially during an outbreak (Lombardo & Buckeridge, 2012). The gathered information can help in identifying the risk factors of a disease, its impacts on members of the society, and the population that is at risk. Global disease surveillance refers to the process of monitoring the spread and progression patterns of disease worldwide. Conversely, domestic disease surveillance refers to the process of monitoring the spread and progression patterns of a disease locally. There is a correlation between the two because the information that is obtained in domestic disease surveillance can be used in global disease surveillance (Lombardo & Buckeridge, 2012). More importantly, Family Nurse Practitioners play a crucial role in both domestic and global disease surveillance. They interact with patients at a family level and collect useful data about the spread and progression patterns of certain diseases, locally and globally.

Below is the original homework if you need it:

Examine how might nurses and nursing organizations improve policies to encourage the judicious use of antibiotics in humans? Identify the correlation between global disease surveillance and domestic disease surveillance, and the significant role the family nurse practitioner plays.


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