Dew In 1 Hr

Dew In 1 Hr

Solve for x and y:





Question 1 options:



x=5, y=0



The solution is (0, -5).



There is no solution.



There are an infinite number of solutions.

Question 3 (2 points)

Question 3 Unsaved


Which statement about the following equations is correct?





Question 3 options:



The equations are independent because the equations represent parallel lines.



The equations are independent because the lines intersect in one point.



The equations are dependent because the lines do not intersect.



The equations are dependent because the lines are the same line.

Question 5 (2 points)

Question 5 Unsaved


Is (0, 0) a solution of the system y>x and x+y>0?

Question 5 options:



Yes, because (0, 0) is a solution to both inequalities.



No, because (0, 0) is a solution to only one of these inequalities.



No, because (0, 0) is not a solution to either inequality.



Yes, because (0, 0) is the point of intersection of the two boundary lines of this system.

Question 6 (2 points)

Question 6 Unsaved


Solve for x, y, and z.







Question 6 options:













Question 7 (2 points)

Question 7 Unsaved


Lisa and Kate are playing a card game, and a total of 900 points has been scored. Lisa scored 250 more points than Kate. If you let l= the number of points that Lisa scored, and k= the number of points that Kate scored, then the problem can be represented by the system:


l+k=900  and  l=k+250


Graph the system. How many points did each of them score?

Question 7 options:



Kate = 575 and Lisa = 325



Kate = 450 and Lisa = 450



Kate = 325 and Lisa = 575



Kate = 250 and Lisa = 650

Question 8 (2 points)

Question 8 Unsaved


Which system of equations has no solution?

Question 8 options:




































Question 9 (2 points)

Question 9 Unsaved


Solve for x and y:





Question 9 options:



(11, -1)



(-11, -1)



(5, 8)



(7, 5)

Question 10 (2 points)

Question 10 Unsaved


The school store sells Midville High T-shirts for $12 each and Midville High gym shorts for $9 a pair. One afternoon they sold a total of 53 T-shirts and pairs of shorts for a total of $570. How many T-shirts did they sell and how many pairs of shorts did they sell?

Question 10 options:



33 T-shirts and 20 pairs of shorts



22 T-shirts and 31 pairs of shorts



34 T-shirts and 18 pairs of shorts



31 T-shirts and 22 pairs of Question 11 (2 points)

Question 11 Unsaved


The profit on the sale of a bicycle at a bike shop is $30, while the profit on the sale of a tricycle is $20. The owner is interested in making more than $200 in profit per day, and expects to sell at most 9 items per day. The system that represents this situation is b+t<=9 and 30b+20t>200. The graph of the boundary lines is shown below. Which region should be shaded (to form the solution)?shorts

Question 12 (2 points)

Question 12 Unsaved


Solve for x and y:





Question 12 options:



x=5, y=1



There are an infinite number of solutions.



The solution is (0, 0).



There is no solution.

Question 13 (2 points)

Question 13 Unsaved


Use elimination to solve for x and y:





Question 13 options:



(4, 3)



(7, 3)



(3, 4)



(-1, 5)

Question 14 (2 points)

Question 14 Unsaved


Jessie has some nickels, dimes, and quarters in her bank. The number of coins is 31. The expression 0.05n+0.10d+0.25q represents the value of the coins, which is $3.25. Jessie has four more dimes than she does quarters. How many of each coin does Jessie have?

Question 14 options:



13 nickels, 11 dimes, and 7 quarters



17 nickels, 9 dimes, and 5 quarters



19 nickels, 8 dimes, and 4 quarters



15 nickels, 10 dimes, and 6 quarters

Question 15 (2 points)

Question 15 Unsaved


Use elimination to solve for x and y:





Question 15 options:



(5, 1)



(-4, -1)



(-1, -7)



(-1, -4)AA

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