Case Assignment

Module 4 – Background Required Reading To start off, take a look at this very short introduction to the basic concept of Appreciative Inquiry: Hayes, J. (2009). Appreciative inquiry. Aarhus School of Business Now take a look at this slightly more detailed video. Pay close attention to the discussion of the “4D Model” towards the […]

Implementing Cybersecurity In The Energy Sector – Final Research Case Analysis

Topic: Implementing Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector Imagine you have been hired as a security consultant for EnergyA which is an electric utility company based in the USA. The company has several locations in the U.S and is responsible for supplying a large portion of electricity for the Southeastern region in the U.S. You have […]

HR Management And Development

Multiple Choice Questions 1.)  A software company has a high turnover rate.  What staffing strategy would be most appropriate? A) hiring people with the potential to be promoted over a period of years B) hiring people quickly even if their skills are not as high as required C) slowing down the hiring process to try […]