history (western civilization) women’s movement paper

[ad_1] Western women began to press for expanded rights and opportunities in an organized and systematic fashion in the nineteenth century. Referencing your textbook and the primary sources listed below, discuss the historical development of the Womans Movement in Europe and America from the nineteenth century through the end of W.W. I.  What were some […]

Hurricanes Data Challenge Program

[ad_1] All I need done is a code written converting an already written java code into OOP format. It’s not too difficult, its for my APCS A highschool course, I just don’t have time to write it. Email me back for all the information and programs needed to complete this!   “Looking for a Similar […]

summary and review

[ad_1] I uploaded 2 articles, i need a summary of 2 pages for each one of them follow the guidelines/ answer specific questions,  and write the summary for the first one separately from the second one when you start the summary cite the article in the top of the page   “Looking for a Similar […]

Military essay

[ad_1] As commander-in-chief, the president retains the ability to commit troops to action and maintain them in theater for up to 90 days without need for Congressional authorization. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, President Bush sent troops into Afghanistan and Iraq in support of the war on terror. This assignment will provide […]