Assignment 1.
Finding information about a stock
Learn how to find information about stock prices online.
You are given a company on your assignments sheet
(Western Union).
Go to a popular website for financial
information (such as or or and find the
information requested below.
Your report may be written as a list, but be sure to use complete sentences. You should include
the following information
1. Your Assignment ID number (this is on the top of your individual assignments sheet)
2. Your company’s name and ticker symbol.
3. The quoted price along with the day and time of quote
4. The previous day’s closing price and the percent change.
5. The percent change year-to-date and the closing value at the start of the year.
6. The market capitalization of the company.
7. How would you describe the behavior of the stock price over the last two years?
WARNING: A goal of this class is to practice getting financial information online by having
you go to real websites. However, many of the websites you visit will offer advertisements for
financial projects and many of these advertisements are basically scams. Nothing in this class is
meant to be an endorsement of any company or any offer. Throughout your investing life you
will be exposed to many kinds of financial offers and you need to do your research and be
suspicious about anything you read.
Assignment 2.
Finding information about interest rates
Learn how to find information about interest rates online.
Go to or another financial website and find current market yields.
Your report may be written as a list, but be sure to use complete sentences. You should include
the following information
1. Your Assignment ID.
2. The day you collected the information.
3. Find two money market yields; for example, the Fed Funds rate and the 3-month T-bill rate
4. Compare the 5-year Treasury Note rate with the 5-year TIPS rate. What does this suggest the
people are expecting for inflation over the next five years?
5. Compare the 10-year Treasury Bond rate with the Investment Grade Corporate rate. What is
the risk premium?



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