Public health, behavioral factors influence problem – SLP

For this component of your SLP, based on the public health topic you selected in Module 1 SLP, please discuss the following:What behavioral factors influence the problem?

Which of these behaviors are more important and which are more amenable to health promotion/ intervention? Which behaviors would you design a program/intervention for based on these considerations?

What environmental aspects seem to also affect the health issue you selected?What are the predisposing, enabling, and reinforcing factors for the health behaviors you identified? Include any environmental influences.

What policies, resources, and circumstances can facilitate or hinder your proposed program/intervention on the factors you identified?If you were doing a project in real life, and this would be a comprehensive plan, how would you gather your needs assessment data?

What would be your data sources?SLP Assignment Expectations Please make sure that all assignment questions are specifically answered, that your answers are clear, and your paper is well organized.

It is important that you analyze the information you find in various resources, cover relevant areas, formulate conclusions, and provide enough depth, while paying attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Properly cite your references and limit your paper to a maximum of 3 pages.Your assignment will not … Read the rest

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