Staff-scheduling system – Project planning process

You have been brought by the CIO in as a lead business analyst to create the key requirements for a new staff-scheduling system that will be implemented for our company in a dozen or so locations across the country.

Utilizing the roles defined in agile Scrum, you’ve been assigned a product owner: a business user from the headquarters office who is an expert in the business’s current state and future goals.

As the product owner, that business user is empowered to define system feature requirements and priorities that your IT team will then use to construct the new system.You find so far the product owner knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with.

As such, you are able to define requirements quickly and with confidence. However, late in the project planning process, you participate in a review meeting in which business users from other to be integrated offices review the requirements that you created with the product owner. In that meeting, you realize that those users from other offices each utilize different current state processes and data to accomplish the same business goals.

Further, they communicate the need for different future feature requirements and priorities.What concerns does this situation raise in … Read the rest

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