The Adoption Process

The Adoption Process


Prepare a presentation to introduce the new line of lawn furniture. Geoffrey Holder can incorporate the following information into his presentation: 7 slides

  • Prepare an overview of the lawn and furniture market.
  • Describe the adoption process and explain what Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture can do during each of the five stages to enhance the success of its new line of outdoor furniture.
  • Explain two product characteristics that help increase the rate of adopting a new product among consumers. Include characteristics with examples of what Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture can do to increase the rate of adoption.
  • Introduce an 2 examples of a policy the firm can adopt which is in line with its desired reputation for social responsibility, environment friendliness, or responsiveness to the consumer.
  • Provide a guerilla marketing program for Plush and Easy with details on how the program increases awareness, interest, and sales.
  • Recommend 4 affinity marketing programs for Plush and Easy. Include a detailed description of each affinity program and how it will increase sales.
  • Pictures or media in every slide
  • Notes on each slide


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