For the following transactions and events, indicate what effect each will have on the three…

For the following transactions and events, indicate what effect each will have on the three classes of net assets using this format. Put an X in the appropriate column. If the net assets are unaffected, leave the column blank.

Ex1: Received a pledge from a donor to provide $1,000 a year to support summer educational programs to be held each July for five years.

Ex2: A time restriction on cash received in a prior year expired in the current period

1. A capital campaign in support of a new building brought in pledges of $150,000.

2. Cash collections on the pledges described in (1) totaled $97,000 in the current year.

3. $25,000 was expended from the capital campaign on architects’ fees. The organization records all fixed assets in the unrestricted class of net assets.

4. Interest income on the unexpended capital campaign funds amounted to $560. No restriction exists as to how the income may be used.

5. Operating revenues (admission fees and gift shop sales) amounted to $80,000.

6. Salaries, utilities, and operating supplies totaled $76,000.

7. Depreciation on plant and equipment amounted to $25,000.

8. Volunteers staffing the gift shop contributed 500 hours. The services did not require specialized skills but are estimated at a value of $8.50 per hour.

9. Securities valued at $100,000 are received for permanent endowment. Income earned on the endowment is to be used to sponsor visiting speakers.

10. Interest and dividends received on the endowment totaled $2,000.


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