tornadoes north of Toronto

1. Decide on a broad topic or theme. Your topic must be directly related to CANADIAN GEOGRAPHY. Examples of possible themes you could choose include (but are not limited to):
Economic issues (e.g. impacts of the recession on Ontario’s manufacturing sector);
Environmental issues (e.g. Metro Vancouver’s waste disposal);
Social issues (e.g. implications of Canada’s declining birth rate); Physical geography – weather, climate, geomorphology (e.g. tornadoes north of Toronto as an example of a natural hazard of the impact of global climate change on Arctic sea
First Nations (e.g. response to BC government’s pipeline deal with unelected band chiefs
of the Gitxsan First Nation);
Political (e.g. Canadian sovereignty of the Northwest Passage);
Northern Canada (e.g. Inuit communities left off map of Canada);
Historical (e.g. update on status on aboriginal land claims).
2. Choose a research focus and question. You need to narrow your focus thematically, and geographically. You might choose a particular issue or event to focus on. Frame your topic with a concrete and specific research question. For example: “How did the automotive industry [WHO] in southern Ontario [WHERE] respond to the economic recession of 2006? [WHEN]” Draw on evidence from sources to investigate the causes and/or outcomes of your Canadian geographical event or process.

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