wickedand describe the ecological, economic, and social implications

The wicked problem: clearly identify and describe the main issue that your group hadevaluated in the map (e.g., oil spills or overfishing, etc.). Explain why this problem is wickedand describe the ecological, economic, and social implications of this problem.
2. Cause: Briefly describe your specific root cause (i.e., the 5th why, that you personally identified asyour focus in the cause & effect map). Explain how it contributes to the main ocean problemdiscussed in point 1.
3. Solution to your root cause: Describe the strategy (i.e., the solution) used to address the root causethat was identified in point 2. Critique the solution, by evaluating a minimum of 3 benefits and 3disadvantages of the proposed strategy. Make sure to consider the feasibility and any challenges thatmay arise in the process of its implementation from an ecological, economic or social perspective.
4. Conclusions & Recommendations: Provide a summary of your findings and yourrecommendations; explain what actions need to be taken and why it is critical to take them to ensurethe well-being of the planet and us.
5. Reference list: Reference list (of cited sources) should be provided in alphabetical order at the end of the assignment. Use a minimum of 7 references, and a minimum of 4 sources from academic,peer-reviewed journals throughout the paper. All references used MUST BE cited in-text andshould be from reputable sources (e.g. websites such as NOAA, NASA); do not use Wikis, blogs,social media, news releases, or encyclopedias.


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