HUM 111 Assignment Ancient Mysteries

HUM 111 Assignment Ancient Mysteries


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HUM 111


Dr. Darryl Claybon


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Please Copy outline or type into your paper. Use the links and text books to avoid using forbidden websites. For best results, use Grammarly tool and submit to Strayer before submitting to Blackboard, to avoid “Too much Verbatim Content”

HUM 111 Assignment Ancient Mysteries


(Identify and describe the ancient mystery you selected. Provide a brief history.)

Summarize two theories

(Provide a brief summary of at least two reasonable and scholarly theories from your textbook or the linked articles which could explain the mystery.)

Select one theory

(Of the two chosen theories, which do you agree, what is it you agree with & why, and why do you think it is best theory)


Reflect on what you learned. Why do you think it is still considered a mystery? Why does it hold such fascination centuries after its discovery?

Works Cited

Please see Strayer Writing Standards for formatting.

Be sure to use in-text citations for any information used from any resource.

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