MIS 303 Access 1

MIS 303 Access 1

MIS 303 –Access #1 – “Doc-n-the-Box” Pharmacy – 9 pts


In central Fairfax, VA a relatively new small medical practice lovingly known as the “Doc-n-the-Box” has opened. There is also a pharmacy affiliated with the medical practice. Although meticulous and professional, recordkeeping at the pharmacy is a bit inefficient since it is done manually. Recordkeeping costs have been rising in recent months as additional people have been hired to meet stricter industry regulations regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and because of state regulations that affect the sale, storage, and dispensing of prescription drugs. Although the Doc-n-the-Box has succeeded in automating some of the data management for the pharmacy in an Excel spreadsheet, a more substantial change, i.e., a move to Microsoft Access, is needed to properly maintain and store data. That is your job!

MIS 303 Access 1

Individuals who use the Doc-n-the-Box can request prescriptions at the pharmacy, either by presenting a written order from a doctor or asking for a refill of an existing prescription. The pharmacist adds this request to the system by getting the required information to fill it, including information about the drug, the individual’s name, the individual’s health plan, and the prescribing doctor. Use the data that the Doc-n-the-Box has provided for you in the file “Fall 2020_Access_1- Doc-n-the-Box – Data.xls” (which can be found in Blackboard) to complete the following tasks/requirements. (Note that all of these must be successfully accomplished to be able to receive full credit on the assignment.)



  1. Create a Microsoft Access database for the Doc-n-the-Box pharmacy.
  2. Create the table(s), field(s), data type(s), primary key(s), etc. for the database and populate it with the data provided in the Excel file. (2 pt)
  3. Create the relationship(s) between/among the tables, as appropriate. (1 pt)

MIS 303 Access 1

Once this is done, perform the following data-analysis tasks (i.e., queries) using Access. (Use the generic name for the queries when you save them, e.g., Query 1, Query 2, etc.):


Query 1 – Create an alphabetized list (within the query, not results) of the female patients who have used the Doc-n-the-Box. Your output should include the Last Name, First Name, Patient ID#, Phone, Date of Birth, and allergies, if any.   (1 pt)

Query 2 – Create a list of patients and the drug(s) that has/have been prescribed for them. Your output should include the Patient’s Last Name, Patient’s First Name, Patient ID #, Drug Name, UPN, Instructions, Number of Refills Authorized, and Rx Expiration Date. Sort it by Patient’s Last Name, then First Name (ascending, within the query, not results) (1 pt)

Query 3 – Create a list of the Health Plans with a list of individuals for each plan. Your output should include the Health Plan Name, Health Plan ID#, Patient Last Name, Patient First Name, and Patient ID#. This list should be alphabetized by Health Plan Name, and alphabetized by Patient Last Name within each Health Plan category (within the query, not results). (1 pt)

Query 4 – Create a list of Prescriptions with 2 (two) or 4 (four) authorized refills. Your output should include UPN, Drug Name, # Refills Authorized, Patient Last Name (alphabetized, within the query, not results), Patient First Name, Doctor’s (Last) Name, Doctor ID#, and Doctor’s Phone Number. (1 pt)

Query 5 – Create a list of Patients who received prescriptions between the beginning of August, 2011 and the end of December 2011. Your output should be organized by Patient’s Last Name, Patient’s First Name, Prescription Date (in ascending order, within the query, not results), Expiration Date, Patient ID#, Doctor’s Last Name, Doctor ID#, Drug Name, and UPN. (1 pt)

Query 6 – Create a list of drugs that have been prescribed between June 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012. Your output should be organized by UPN (ascending, within the query, not results), Plan ID#, Plan Name (ascending, within the query, not results) and date of prescription. (1 pt)

MIS 303 Access 1

The file should be turned in via Blackboard. Do NOT compress the file. The file name should be in the form: “Doc-n-the-Box – First Initial_Lastname,” i.e., “Doc-n-the-Box – G Crabtree.”

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