Why Are Criminal Justice Reforms Part Of The Public Policy Agenda In Texas

[ad_1] Description criminal justice reform has been a hot topic nationally and in Texas for several years, as you are learning. Disparities in sentencing, and overcrowded and violent jails and prisons prompted reforms here in Texas in the early 2000s. Recently, however, bail procedures, death penalty laws, and drug policies have placed criminal justice reform […]

Differences Between Metacom’s War, Pueblo Revolt, And Bacon’s Rebellion.

[ad_1] Description Demonstrate knowledge of similarities and differences between Metacom’s war, Pueblo revolt, and Bacon’s Rebellion. Explain the three rebellions  – what did they have in common and what was different? Be sure the include the dates or each rebellion, who was involved and the outcomes of the uprisings. Order with us today for a […]

What Is Carl Becker’s Criticism Of Jefferson

[ad_1] Description Please read the following option  (Links to an external site.) Becker, Carl. “What Is Still Living in the Political Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson?” Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors 29 no. 5 (December, 1943): 660-678.  “What is Still Living in the Political Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson,” by Carl Becker What was Jefferson’s political philosophy? […]

Why Didn’t Anyone Heed The Warnings About Madoff

[ad_1] Description Please read the case study: “Harry Markopolos:  Why Didn’t Anyone Heed the Warnings about Madoff?” 11th Edition, Pages 300-301  in your textbook.  Go to YouTube.com and find a video of Markopolos testifying before a congressional subcommittee and listen to him speak. Which delivery method should Markopolos have used for a presentation in front […]