HOW TO REPLY TO THIS DISCUSSION STATEMENT? Have you ever been on an interview?

HOW TO REPLY TO THIS DISCUSSION STATEMENT? Have you ever been on an interview?
In the last 15 years, I have been on 3 interviews. Two of them were over the phone and the other was in person. More recently was just this past November, which was a phone interview. I have been in surgery pretty much my entire adult life, so the questions are usually the same at each hospital.
What were some of the questions asked?
Questions in my career field always start with what brings you to our company and/or how long have you been in this field? My response is usually what raises eyebrows because I have been in the field for more than 10 years. In this career field that means “she comes with a lot of experience”. The other questions that usually follow are “what are your strengths/weaknesses”? and “How well do you handle conflict? Give an example of a recent conflict and how you handled it”.
What questions did you ask the interviewer?
I am leaving one job for a reason and I try to find the wording before I go into the interview of how to ask how they handle situations such as the one that I am leaving. This recent interview was my first that I have more than 5 questions because I wanted to be sure this was a sure fit for me and my family since it requires relocation.
What was the nonverbal used?
Nonverbals used were email and text communication. Setting up the appointment for the interview and signing offer letters.
What did you wear?
For the phone interviews, I was still in my pajamas. In the in-person interview, I wore dress slacks and a button-up blouse with heels. No makeup, but I had a little lipgloss. Makeup isn’t part of my daily wardrobe so I didn’t want that to be an impression that my new boss would expect to see. Hair was nicely groomed.
“Research has shown that 55 percent of this first impression is based on appearance and behavior, which can include clothing, posture, body language, and facial expressions.” (Corfield, 2009)

I agree with this because, in career searching, when you meet your potential employer you are trying to show them you are fit for the job and that first look says to the future employer that you care about your appearance means you will put that much effort into your job performance.

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