Interpersonal Conflict Writing Assignments

Interpersonal Conflict Writing Assignments Journals: Journals are to be completed by Sunday of each week for weeks 1, 2, and 3. Journal
prompts will be posted after each class. In order to get full credit, you must thoughtfully
respond, using 3-4 complete sentences, for each prompt. Journals will be posted and submitted
through blackboard. No exceptions.

Elements of Conflict- This short paper is designed to (1) further your understanding of Wilmot
and Hocker’s definition of conflict, (2) help you analyze these concepts in a real-life conflict,
and (3) improve your competency in managing a conflict.
1. First, identify a conflict that you have personally experienced recently or in the past.
2. Analyze your perception of the conflict using the definition provided in Chapter 1.
a. Expressed struggle: How was the conflict expressed? How often? Verbally?
Nonverbally? Overtly? Covertly?
b. Interdependent parties: What binds you and the other person in the conflict together?
In what ways do you need the other person? In what ways does he or she need you?
c. Perceived incompatible goals: What are you not getting from the other person in the
conflict? What is the other person not getting from you?
d. Perceived scarce resources: Examples for these resources are time, money, affection,
inclusion, etc. Interpersonal Conflict Writing Assignments
e. Perceived interference from others in achieving those goals: In what ways are you
interfering with the other person’s goals? How is the other person interfering with
your goals?

3. Analyze the other person’s view using the five elements of a conflict. You can do this by
(a) directly asking the other person in the conflict or by (b) making your best guess about
how he or she views the conflict.
4. Write a three- to four-page paper (typed, double-spaced) in which you address the points
given below.
a. Summarize both your view and the other person’s view of the conflict.
b. Identify areas in which you and the other person could improve on to manage the
conflict better.
c. Discuss the role of one’s perception in the conflict.
d. Reflect on what you have learned by completing this process.
e. Reflect on what you have learned about this specific relationship and relationship
enhancement in general. Interpersonal Conflict Writing Assignments

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