SOC 203 The Criminological Perspective Assignment

SOC 203 The Criminological Perspective Assignment A reading response paper assignment asks you to take responsibility for giving meaning
to the text. In other words, a reading response paper is alike a summary paper where you will
provide the main points of the reading and a conclusionary statement on how it is useful for
criminology. In this course, the reading response paper will be based on the two readings
assigned for each class the assignment is due. Simply put, your response paper will be written on
the readings assigned for the next class session and not the class session that you already
attended. The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you can accurately and concisely
interpret criminological material. In addition, this assignment is an important part for your ability
to stay up to par with the course every week AND improve your writing skills. Therefore, your
reading response paper must address the author’s purpose / main points per reading, discuss how
each reading relate to another, and how it is an essential part of criminology.
Assignment Requirements SOC 203 The Criminological Perspective Assignment
The reading response paper must be written in 3-paragraphs which is equivalent to 1.5
pages. Credit is provided to your assignment if you complete the following: (1) Submit the
response paper to CUNY Blackboard by 10am every Friday and (2) Provide a hardcopy of the
paper to your professor in the beginning of the class session it is due. When crafting your
response paper, you should consider that all academic papers must follow the APA citation and

writing guidelines (i.e. 12-point font, Times New Roman, Double-Spaced, 1-inch Margins, in-
text citations, references page). Note: title page is not required, however, a reference page is

required but does not count towards the page count for this assignment.
Do’s and Dont’s of the Assignment
DO: Start the paragraphs with the author’s last name and year, and provide a transitional
sentence when moving from one paragraph to the next
DON’T: Use too much quotes, especially if they are long, and be abstract about the
readings SOC 203 The Criminological Perspective Assignment
DO: Synthesize the readings, which is to provide a clear and concise discussion, and
provide in-text citations for any sentences which have quotes or factual rephrasing
DON’T: Write too long paragraphs, instead limit your paragraphs to 4-6 sentences each
DO: Visit the writing center and meet with your professor to improve in your writing
skills and potentially earn a better grade for the next assignment SOC 203 The Criminological Perspective Assignment

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