the craft beer market in Bulgaria.

marketing assignment

Craft beer

The assignment is about the craft beer market in Bulgaria.

1. Make a short analysis of the secondary available information about the craft beer/labels in Bulgaria (Marketing environment). Identify the following:

· Key market drivers

· The key market segments and how they relate to product mix and branding decisions

· Pricing strategy for wholesale and retail channels

· Appropriate packaging

· Developing a marketing strategy including social media campaigns


Based on this information, choose one label/brand or concrete company for Craft Beer. Imagine that you have to consult them/help with the marketing strategy.

2. Elaborate SWOT analysis of the selected company.

3. Describe the 4Ps of the selected company/label/brand, inclusively compared to the main competitor/s they use to target this product/target market. Discuss the differences and the similarities between the two organizations’ marketing mixes. Why do these differences exist or not exist? What other insight can you get into these organizations and how they use marketing for this industry?


4. Optional: Make yourself a mystery client. What is the “real” competition in the market? Who are the main competitors?

5. Based on analysis of existent Promotional and advertising strategy of selected company – develop your own ideas to the help/improve/distinguish the selected company/label/brand. What can be improved for effective promotion and brand awareness of the selected company/brand (social medias campaign, promotion campaign, etc.)

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