1.  Look at the “mocking” of Christ. Read Mark 15:17-20, 29-32, and also 14:65.

“‘My God, my God.’ These words show the greatest faith that ever was in the world. Faith is believing the word of God, not because we see it to be true, or feel it to be true, but because God has said it. Now Christ was forsaken. He did not see that God was his God — he did not feel that God was his God, and yet he believed God’s word and cried: ‘my God, my God’… Jonah showed great faith: ‘all thy billows and thy waves passed over me — yet I will look to thy holy temple’ (Jonah 2:3,4). He was literally at the bottom of the sea. Ah, but a greater than Jonah is here! Christ was now beneath a deeper sea than that which covered Jonah. He was under a sea of God’s wrath — he was in outer darkness — and yet he believed the word of God. Dear believer, this is your assurance. Cling to him — you are complete in him!” – R. M. M’Cheyne
Directions: In the space provided below, answer each of the following questions completely, accurately and neatly. You do not need to restate the question, but please answer it in a thoughtful way.
1.  Look at the “mocking” of Christ. Read Mark 15:17-20, 29-32, and also 14:65.
a) For what particular things is Jesus mocked?
b) What do you think Mark is showing us in the account of the mocking?
2.  What is Mark trying to get across about human nature in these descriptions of the mocking, spitting, beating?
3.  Read Romans 8:7. a) Do you think that Paul exaggerates here when he says we are all naturally hostile to God—why or why not?
b) How have you seen this natural human enmity to God in normal human behavior?
4.  Some have called verse 34 “the most important and terrible question ever asked.” a) What does the question tell us about what Jesus is doing?
b) What does it tell us about what the Father was doing?
5.  What is the meaning of the tearing of the veil (verse 38)?
6.  What are we to learn from the fact that the witnesses and people showing faithfulness here to Jesus are Joseph, a Pharisee (15:40-47), women (16:1-8), and a Roman centurion (see 15:39, 44)?
7.  Read Mark 16:7. What is the significance of the angel’s assignment to “go, tell his disciples and Peter?”
8.  Why does Mark take such care to show that the resurrection was a historical event–why does that matter?

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