AH 417 Roman Art Assignment

AH 417 Roman Art Assignment This paper assignment is somewhat different from others assigned in the past, but then
we are living through times that are extremely different. In addition to demonstrating
some knowledge of Roman art history and your writing skills, it demands a bit of
observation, creativity, and reflection.
Classical antiquity is second only to the Bible as a force in modeling America’s national
identity. At the time the nation was founded, Americans had fully embraced AH 417 Roman Art Assignment
Enlightenment theory, which held that classicism was essential for instructing citizens in
moral and civic virtue. Thomas Jefferson advocated the imagery of classical antiquity in
public buildings, believing that they “should be more than things of beauty and
convenience; above all, they should state a creed,” resulting in the style and form of
architectural monuments dominating Washington, D.C. The people who settled
California were no different, and that includes the officers accompanying Hernando
Cortés who coined the name “California” itself. AH 417 Roman Art Assignment
During the next couple of weeks, I want you to open your eyes and carefully observe
your environment. Find a building or urban space that depends on the lessons of
Roman architecture and urban planning. This can be revealed through its plan, form,
decoration and ornament. Building functions, structural forms, and the materials used
are all valid issues to consider. Many banks, libraries, churches, and other public
buildings are ready choices, but you may also find some houses or other private
structures that demonstrate a Roman influence. Some commercial buildings can also
work. For the ambitious, you might find a space or area that is defined by multiple
buildings that conforms to the principles of Roman urban planning to write about. In
most cases you will find it easier to find and write about exterior spaces (especially with
Covid restrictions), but appropriate interior spaces are also out there. Whatever you
choose, however, you must visit it first-hand during the writing of this paper. For your
conclusion, offer some speculations on why Roman models were chosen in modern
California for this particular building or space. AH 417 Roman Art Assignment

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