English 1101 Assignment

English 1101 Assignment Your second essay, which combines argument/persuasive with
narrative and example, is also three – five pages in length. The
breakdown is argument/persuasion, 50%, narrative, 25%, and example
25%. Example pertains to supportive details, so instead of providing
generalizations, you need to focus on selecting specific examples to
substantiate topic sentences and your thesis sentence. Also, narrative,
as we have covered, involves citing anecdotal information from your
life, using imagination to dream up something of a story-telling nature if
the information is not anecdotal, and so you need to include a paragraph
or two having to do with narrative. You can utilize dialog and
quotations to cite thoughts you may have or a dialog involving two or
more people. Your story should, of course, be directly related to the
point you’re stressing in your thesis. As with the first essay, mainly, you
need to support your approach to something that is argumentative.
You should begin by considering topics of interest to you. Some ideas
for thesis sentences around which you can build a successful essay
include the following:
1.) Those running for President should be held to a high standard of
ethical behavior. English 1101 Assignment
2.) Americans should eliminate the regular consumption of fast food
because a fast food diet leads to preventable and expensive health
issues, such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.
3.) Homeless people in Miami should be given access to services, such
as regular food donations, public restrooms, and camping
facilities, because it would improve life for all inhabitants of the
city. English 1101 Assignment
4.) Secondhand smoke is just as harmful as smoking and leads to a
higher prevalence of cancer and heart disease; therefore, smoking
in any public place should be banned.
5.) It’s too late to save the earth; therefore, humans should
immediately set a date for their relocation to a space station or

Mars, where they can, with proper planning, avoid issues dealing
with famine, war, and global warming. English 1101 Assignment
These are just suggestions but include a definite stance taken on
debatable topics, which is the crux of the dilemma, after all, coming up
with a generalization that is not too all-inclusive and taking an
opinionated stance on that topic that encapsulates all that you will cover
during the course of your essay.

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