GEOL 3302 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Assignment

GEOL 3302 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Assignment Discuss each of the following questions as an essay. Each essay should have 400
words, minimum. There is no maximum, but please don’t waste space with empty
filler (e.g. “The way water moves sediment around is fascinating, which I really
learned to appreciate taking this course.”). Use complete sentences and check your
spelling. Do not quote text from your textbook! Turnitin will treat quoted text as
plagiarism. Combine all three essays as a single Word document.
1. Discuss the factors that influence soil formation. Start by explaining how
different soil horizons form, and how the solubility of different ions
influences their concentrations in different horizons. Explain how
sedimentation rate influences soil development. Also give examples of at
least two different types of paleosols, explaining how differences in
precipitation and sedimentation rates might explain the differences between
them. GEOL 3302 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Assignment
2. Discuss the influence of flow velocity on clastic sedimentation. Start by
explaining very simply how changes in flow velocity influence the size of
sediment being deposited, as well as how flow velocity influences how
sediment is transported (related to the Reynolds number). Then discuss the
influence of flow velocity of flow regime (related to the Froude number), and
why different sedimentary structures form in lower and upper flow regimes.
Mention why antidunes are rarely preserved in sedimentary rocks.
3. Discuss controls on carbonate geochemistry and diagenesis. Explain how
changing water chemistry controls the type of carbonate that is formed,
either as primary sediment, or through diagenesis. Explain how water depth
and water temperature impact carbonate deposition, being clear on why
(explain chemically what is happening). Also discuss the influence of Mg 2+
concentration on carbonate formation, specifically how less seafloor volcanic
activity, more seafloor volcanic activity, and evaporation in coastal settings
can influence the formation of low-Mg calcite, high-Mg calcite, and dolomite. GEOL 3302 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Assignment

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