HON 101 Mock Trial Assignment

HON 101 Mock Trial Assignment The final project for HON 101 is in two parts (each is required). The final project (typed, in 12
pt. Times New Roman font; 2x spaced) is due at the start of our CEP week meeting, which is:
Thursday, December 17, 1:40-3:30.
Part 1: Looking at the “Midlands Case Law” and the witnesses’ testimony and exhibits, argue
whether or not—under Midlands law—Peony Estates should be found liable in a negligence per
se case. Make sure to explain what negligence per se is according to the law of Midlands, and
make sure to cite at least three cases. (5½ pages) HON 101 Mock Trial Assignment
Part 2: Create an affidavit of a NEW witness for this case. (This could be an eyewitness, an
expert witness, a character who was mentioned but doesn’t have an affidavit, or someone else
who knows something about the case and can offer relevant testimony. (4½ pages)
Your final project grade is based partly on your presentation during this CEP time. We will
spend our CEP class time introducing these new characters and reading from the affidavits.
Reminder: this is to be your own work; you can refer to other characters and events, but do not
copy verbatim from other affidavits.
ALTERNATIVE to the Final Project: HON 101 Mock Trial Assignment
As noted on the syllabus (and discussed briefly at the beginning of the semester), interested
participants will be invited to join the Buffalo State mock trial team and compete in our regional
tournament(s) in January and/or February of this year. (Space on the team is limited, so, if there is
room, preference will be given to those who have done well in this course.)
Because competing will entail extra work and extra meetings on your end, you will be exempt from
the Final Project (described above). (And don’t worry—if you are unable to join the competition
team this year, you will still have the opportunity to join in future years, and you’ll already have a
leg up, knowing trial procedure and advocacy.)
Instead of completing the final project for this course, you will be required to compete at our
official spring tournament, which will be during the mornings and afternoons of a weekend in

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