POL 100 Introduction to Political Science Assignment

POL 100 Introduction to Political Science Assignment 1) Define Political Theory and explain its origins
2) Briefly explain the substantive fields within which public managers work
3) List the five elements of Constitutional Governments
4) Define the term Government
5) David Rosenbloom has argued that the primary functions of the legislative,
executive, and judicial branches of govt., are related to three views of the role of
public administration in American society, LIST them
6) Briefly explain the term Constitutionality POL 100 Introduction to Political Science Assignment
7) What is the Highest Value in every political society?
8) To whom and what has most scholars and practitioners attribute the beginning of
the deliberate study of Public Administration in America?
9) What is a Constitution?
10) Public Administration has ancient origins, briefly explain
11) Briefly explain some of the power/rights that the Patriot Act gave the govt.
12) Briefly explain why written Constitutions are not only likely to give rise to greater
problems of interpretation than unwritten ones, but they are also harder to change
13) Explain the Merit Principle
14) In modern societies, why does govt find it necessary to regulate the activities of
some institutions, groups, and private enterprises?
15) The U.S. Constitution explicitly provides the dates for important events, what is the
one remarkable event of American Constitutional history/timetable that has always
been observed as promulgated by the Constitution?
16) What was Woodrow Wilson’s essay designed to address?
17) Briefly explain the term Justice
18) Why are former colonies of Great Britain able to operate constitutional govts more
successfully than the former colonies of Spain in Latin America?
19) Explain the Spoils system
20) Why did the federal govt turned to an early study by the govt office of personnel
management? POL 100 Introduction to Political Science Assignment

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