PSYC 2314 Life Span Growth and Development Assignment

PSYC 2314 Life Span Growth and Development Assignment It is crucial in any college level course that students understand how to process class material in a meaningful
way and express, through writing, their critical thinking. In an effort to encourage you to think about
psychological topics, you will be required to submit four (3) reflection journals. The purpose of these
assignments is to process the material and write about what you THINK. What you should do in this activity is
write about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the information and synthesize those personal
thoughts with the course material.
Each of these reflections will be personal expressions of your learning. By reflecting on what you have learned,
you can track the progress you’ve made. This experience will also allow you to notice the gaps in your
knowledge and skills. These reflection postings will allow you the opportunity to integrate your thoughts and
opinions with the course material, which is a very valuable skill you need to develop in college.
You must include all of the required elements in each reflection to earn full credit. Keep in mind that this
assignment is NOT a research paper that should be filled with various citations, but a simple reference to the
material is appropriate. This will allow you to practice APA style and the synthesis of your thoughts with
psychological content. Remember this is a reflective process in which you should think about how that topic
impacts your life. You can also reflect upon any questions or challenges you had while learning the material.
There is no specific question I am expecting you to answer. This is a self-guided process in which you are
Entries in each reflective journal can include: PSYC 2314 Life Span Growth and Development Assignment
 Points that were significant or challenging to you
 Points that you found specifically interesting in your reading, and would like to follow up in more detail.
 How your learning in this course is related to what you’re learning in other ways. PSYC 2314 Life Span Growth and Development Assignment

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