Organizational Management

Management is related with the ability to plan, organize, lead, and control the internal structure, processes, strategies, and resource arrangements required to deal with and take advantage of the opportunities and threats that the external environment imposes/offers to the organization.
Your task
:Reflect and discuss what are the principles, benefits and challenges of putting into practice the concepts, tools and techniques that aim to equip a manager to accomplish the task described. Consider the “manager’s tool-kit” to be composed by the different tools, techniques, and ideas presented and discussed in our module.

You do not need to explain every single approach presented during the module. Choose at least four of those approaches that you considered to be the most relevant in today’s business world.

Make sure you address the following elements for each one of the approaches chosen:

a)Identify what the underpinning assumptions of the chosen management approaches are

.b)Explain what was the context in which the chosen approaches were created and discuss about their effectiveness for today’s organizational context.

c)Address what are the intended and unintended outcomes of those tools, techniques and ideas you are analyzing. Illustrate and justify your answers through the use of examples, experiences, and/or arguments by organizational management researchers, theorists and

Do not use concepts not used in the modules
Use very simple vocab and language
Use concepts in the manager tool kit pdf


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