RS2. Trimester 1

RS2. Trimester 1. Reading List

Key sources (compulsory to use any three)

*Cecco, L., 2019. Grocery store urges customers to rethink plastic with embarrassing bags. The Guardian. Accessed 10 July 2019

*Collins, E. I.M., Thomas J. M., Robinson, E., Aveyard, P., Jebb, S.A., Herman, C.P., Higgs, S., 2019. Two observational studies examining the effect of a social norm and a health message on the purchase of vegetables in student canteen settings. Appetite, 132, pp.122–130.

*Corner, A., 2011. Social norm strategies do work – but there are risks involved. The Guardian Accessed 10 July 2019

Hockenbury, S. E., Nolan, S., 2018. Psychology. 8th ed. New York: Worth Publishers (p. 420 only)

*Persson, R. et al., 2014. The Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Help Evasion. Health Education & Behavior, 41(1), pp.7–11.

Schultz, W.P., Khazian, A.M., Zaleski, A.C., 2008. Using normative social influence to promote conservation among hotel guests. Social Influence 3, pp. 4-23.

Recommended sources (find full text via ARUL online library)

Belgiawan, P.F., Schmöcker, J.D., Abou-Zeid, M., Walker, J., Fujii, S., 2017. Modelling social norms: Case study of students’ car purchase intentions. Travel Behaviour and Society, 7, pp.12–25.

*Boateng, H. et al. (2016) Assessing the determinants of internet banking adoption intentions: A social cognitive theory perspective. Computers in Human Behavior, pp. 468–478.

Bratton, J., 2016. Introduction to work and organisational behaviour. 3rd ed. London: Palgrave

Cross, C. and Carbery, R., eds., 2016. Organisational behaviour: an introduction London: Palgrave

Erhardt, Martin-Rios & Heckscher, 2016. Am I doing the right thing? Unpacking workplace rituals as mechanisms for strong organizational culture. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 59, pp.31–41.

Judge, T.A. et al., 2007. Self-Efficacy and Work-Related Performance: The Integral Role of Individual Differences. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92(1), pp.107–127.

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