. International Institutions and Human Rights

BTEC Assignment Brief

Qualification BTEC Level 3 Extended subsidiary Diploma in Public Services (9 Unit)
Unit or Component number and title Unit 7. International Institutions and Human Rights
Assignment title Assignment 2: Human Rights, Violation of Rights and the Actions of International Institutions Seeking to Uphold Rights.
Assessor Juliet Hatchell
Hand out date 08.12.20
Hand in deadline 16.12.20 (Final)
Vocational Scenario or Context

Scenario: As a human rights representative in the public services, you have been asked to outline human rights conventions and legislation and the role of UK and international organisations in upholding these rights.

All tasks Due: 05.01.21
Task 1 (P2) Poster
Produce a poster outlining the key features in summary of the following Legislation: Geneva Convention Universal Declaration of Human rights 1948 European Convention on Human Rights UK Human Rights Act 1998. You need to consider civil and political rights e.g. right to life and liberty, freedom of expression; economic, social and cultural rights e.g. right to food, right to work, right to education.

Task 2 (P3) Word processed document
Explain how human rights can be violated. For this you need to include an example of: torture extra-judicial killings ethnic cleansing genocide war crimes
For the above examples include how any two international institutions have responded to each violation.

Task 3 (M2) Word processed document
You are required to bring together the concepts of rights and violations of rights from P2 and P3 and analyse the role of the UK in upholding international rights. Include also the role of the UK armed forces, as well as UK participation in the UN and NATO and the role of activities like trade and sporting sanctions.
Task 4 (D1) Word processed document
Evaluate the role of any four international institutions in upholding human rights (as completed in P3). In your evaluation include also a historical perspective from 1948 and provide specific examples to illustrate. This can be in the form of a timeline with evaluation.

Indicative reading for learners Journals The Economist International Defence Review The New Statesman Time Magazine Websites Amnesty www.amnesty.org.uk Foreign and Commonwealth Office www.fco.gov.uk Gateway to the European Union europa.eu/index_en.htm Greenpeace www.greenpeace.org.uk Human Rights Watch www.hrw.org Human Rights Web www.hrweb.org Islamic Human Rights Commission www.ihrc.org Liberty www.liberty-human-rights.org.uk North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) www.nato.int United Nations www.un.org Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) www.un.org/en/documents/udhr UN Human Rights www.un.org/rights

Checklist of evidence required Word processed document, poster
Criteria covered by this task:
P2 Outline the key features of the Geneva Convention, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), European Convention on Human Rights, Human Rights Act 1998
P3 Explain how human rights may be violated and the ways international institutions respond to such violations.
M2 Analyse the role of the UK in upholding international human rights.
D1 Evaluate the role of international institutions in upholding human rights.
Other assessment materials attached to this Assignment Brief

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