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Conflict is defined as a clash or struggle that occurs when a real or perceived threat or difference exists in the desires thoughts attitudes feeling or behaviors of two or more parties. Conflicts are a part of all organizations and with change comes an increase in conflict. As per Huber 2014 there are three categories of conflict which include individual interpersonal and organizational conflicts. Individual characteristics include people having their difference of opinions and values. Interpersonal conflict characteristics include ones distrust lack of respect and inadequate or poor communication. Lastly organizational conflict characteristics include interdependence and changes due to restructuring. These are some factors that may lead to conflicts.
Managing conflict is a vital part in running an organization smoothly. There are several conflict management resolution strategies that can be used to resolve this conflict which include defensive compromise and creative problem solving. Defensive problem solving is used to gain time when time is needed to think about how to solve the problem. Some examples of this is to separate the two parties in conflict to restrict or suppress the conflict. Compromising is getting the two contending parties to meet half way on the issue and are willing to give up something to settle their differences. This is a win-win scenario. Creative problem solving is the most effective way to mange conflicts because both parties collaborate on the problem and find a solution that satisfies everyone.

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